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Join us Sunday at 11AM, when Donnamarie Lynds will be our speaker. Donnamarie's topic will be: "
A Course In Miracles: The Basics"
(Potluck Sunday is every 2nd Sunday of each month)  

See Speaker's Calendar for more information


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Please Join Us at 9:30 each Sunday morning with our continuing
Journey through "Heart-Centered Metaphysics" .



Tuesdays at the church: 6-8PM, "A Search for God" (book 2) by Edgar Cayce.  

We ask that you use this prayer for our church on a daily basis. Thank you so much.

We rejoice and give thanks for the evolution of our church. The activity of Holy Spirit absolutely works through all of our activities and us. A magnetic energy field is created into which many new Spiritual Teachers are drawn to us. We are so grateful! Thank you, God!



Starting June 4, 2013, our ACIM study group will begin a thorough reading, study and discussion of the text of A Course In Miracles. Our goal is to deepen our commitment to, and understanding of, the message of this blessed gift.  Please join us in our awakening! (Every Tuesday evening 5-6PM here at Unity)

Vision Statement:
Bringing like-minded people together
in their quest for the Truth.
Mission Statement:
Dedicated to teaching, loving and inspiring people
to be all they are created to be.