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Link to talk "Spiritual Practices for Prosperity, April 24, 2016


 Everything in the manifest realm is created in consciousness.

Are we are choosing to believe fearful thoughts of lack and need?

Or do we offer appreciative thoughts of abundance?

If we hold on to our treasure out of fear that we won't have enough,

we are thereby creating a fearful life experience of lack.

But when we give freely and joyfully,

a universe of Infinite Abundance will respond

to the open channel we become,

sending ever more abundance our way

as long as we continue to give and share

without fear.

--Rev. Ed Townley, Unity Minister


After the offering plate was passed,

Mr. Fillmore gave everyone a piece of paper and pen and said,

"I know you just gave. So now,

please put on this slip of paper the amount you desired to give.

Write it out in your own handwriting in ink,

the amount you wanted to give, and put it away somewhere.

  We make affirmations and put them in writing.

[Myrtle and I] used to write out our desires,

and they would come to pass in the most remarkable ways.

A long time afterward, we would look over our papers

and we would come across these... and there had been fulfillment.

  So let us put our desires in writing and give them to God.


God is glorified when you stand up and acknowledge who you are

and claim your birthright. And who are you?

You are a divine being, a child of God the Most High,

a person who deserves to have every good thing that life has to offer.

--Rev. Edwene Gaines, Unity minister


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