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We stand United.

We stand in shock: This has happened AGAIN??
We stand in horror: THIS has happened again??
We stand in grief: This CAN'T have happened again!!

Yet, we stand united . . . in our pledge to love in spite of our pain. To find comfort in the face of heroism. To seek meaning in the meaningless. To find Light after the rain.

We stand temporarily bowed and bent but never broken.
We refuse to surrender when hate, radicalism, misogyny and mental illness blow us open.

We stand United . . . for tolerance, acceptance, peace, oneness, LOVE.
We stand in ongoing prayer, our symbols: the rainbow, the dove. 
We affirm the sacredness of every life. We work to forgive - consciousness replaces strife.

Yes, we stand United.
Heads held high, we stand tall. We have faith and will NEVER fall. 
Love binds us, heals us, shows us the way. The sun WILL rise again on the next new day.
We lift ourselves to our greatest height, hold space for those who cannot see. 
We stand in our deepest Truth as we show solidarity. 
You are my holy Self, my brother, sister, friend. 
We'll stand together helping each other mend. 
Yes, we'll stand United until the end.

 - Laura Sutherland, June 2016

Guitarist Michael Mandrell


Michael Mandrell plays "Clarisse"

The Prayer - Andrea Bocelii & Celine Dion
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Indiana Bible College Mass Choir Sings spirited Wake up and Praise!

Indiana Bible College Choir

Halleluia Anyhow!



Song of Peace Video-Meditation

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Rev. Michael Gott of Unity Houston

I'm Only Here for God


Michael Gott Lets It Go!







Abraham-Hicks: How to Speed Up Your Own Perfect Alignment In Any Situation





Unity of Brazosport
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Vision: "A community of unconditional love and acceptance where all may discover unity in Christ."
 Mission:  Dedicated to teaching, loving, and inspiring people to be all they are created to be.