Unity of Brazosport
Our History

The History of Our Church 

The growth of the Unity Church of Brazosport, Texas, from its beginning in the summer of 1984 to the present has seemed to those involved to illustrate most dramatically the results that occur when we step out in faith and rely on divine order. Rob Robinson, an almost-licensed Unity teacher, arrived with perfect timing in September 1984. He provided advice and assistance by scheduling speakers and soloists, drawing on his many friends and acquaintances in Houston.

In early 1984 when our regular organist became unable to continue, Pat Bonney stepped in to continue the music program with no interruption. In addition, a lawyer "appeared" ready to offer his services to help in completing the necessary legal procedures to dissolve our membership with the Church of Religious Science and incorporate as the Unity Church of Christianity-Brazosport and become affiliated with the Association of Unity Churches.

On Sunday, December 3, 1984, we met in the pyramid on Bryan Beach, Texas, for the first time in our new identity. Shortly thereafter it became apparent that our congregation was outgrowing the Bryan Beach facility. In addition, the property was due to be sold and would become unavailable to us. We were miraculously able to find a lovely building to rent. We moved again and Sunday, January 6, 1985, we held our first meeting in the sanctuary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in Richwood, Texas. Soon after, a number of activities began. A logo was chosen. Judy Runnels, who provided us with our first Unity wedding, set up and began to run the bookstore. We children's Sunday school and nursery, along with a  an adult study group prior to Sunday service. A support group for A Course in Miracles was continued, meeting at the church on Sunday evenings. By the autumn of 1984 we even had enough voices for a choir!

On March 10, 1985, Albert Wingate joined us to perform the dedication of the church and the first baptism for new members. Nearly the entire congregation took part in the ceremony. During the spring and summer of 1985, the church had a host of guest speakers and soloists, usually from Houston. Along with Albert Wingate there were such notables as Jerry Fankhauser, B J Kruse, Wanda Umeojiego, Ray Reynolds, Behee, and Cleola Williams. B J Kruse began teaching Unity accredited courses on Wednesday evenings at Earl Knight's office in Angleton.

In May, Rob Robinson left, with the church's blessing and support, to begin his two-year training at Unity Village. Wanda Umeojiego stepped in to continue scheduling speakers and soloists and to provide a number of other services.

In June 1985, the church was ready to take the next step, selecting our own minister. We chose a Search Committee, interviewed several candidates. In November we hired J. Scott Thornton, a 10-year veteran of four Unity churches from Florida to Oregon. On December 1, 1985, as we celebrated the first anniversary of our founding, Scott preached his initial sermon as our minister. Scott Thornton was replaced by Ron Ballinger in February 1989. Then in September 1990 Bill King became our minister. He left in 1992.

In January 1994, the church moved to its present location at 507 South Brooks, Brazoria.

Since then we have had a variety of speakers, teachers and ministers, among them David Herndon who served as Spiritual Leader for a time.  We've had visiting speakers from the Unity Church in Houston, and had messages from teachers of various Healing Modalities. We held four very successful Psychic Fairs. We acquired an InFocus Machine, brought in an enhanced Sound system and Large Movie Screen, enabling the screening of The Secret, What the BleepConversations with God and Video presentations from Andy Andrews to Rev. Michael Beckwith to Drs. Wayne Dyer & David Hawkins among others. 

We've offered weekly study groups - including the long standing A Course in Miracles, an Abraham-Hicks study group, and a monthly talk by the co-director of the Houston A.R.E. Center, Edward Jamail.  We have grown.

This year our parent organization revised the "brand" of Unity and became Unity Worldwide Ministries.  Unity of Brazoport has served our community for over 25 years.  And in that, each of us and all of us have been blessed.  We are grateful for the opportunities - the struggles and the victories, the learning and the questioning.  

Many have left our fellowship over the years - some moving away, relocating to other towns, taking different paths, pursuing other interests.  People have moved into and out of our fellowship as Unity is both inclusive, welcoming all, and forgiving.. allowing, and in fact, encouraging each to develop on their own path.  As a society we are experiencing a virtual explosion of interest in and pursuit of all things Spiritual.  The "New Age" concepts of the 20th century, while not passing away, are not so "new" in Century 21.  

Today Unity has a global reach.  We have the Internet - The works of Charles Fillmore on CD...  Our world is in the midst of growth - some would say Exponential Growth and, if there is such a thing, experiencing Spiritual Growing Pains.  The specifics of what the future holds is not known to us.

   But as we cite at the end of each service:

The Light of God surrounds us. The Love of God enfolds us.

The Power of God protects us.  The presence of God watches over us.

  Wherever we are, God is.. and all is well.

Unity of Brazosport
507 So. Brooks St, (Hwy 36), Brazoria, TX 77422

Vision: "A community of unconditional love and acceptance where all may discover unity in Christ."
 Mission:  Dedicated to teaching, loving, and inspiring people to be all they are created to be.