Unity of Brazosport

Copy and print an affirmation.  Place it where you will see it several times a day.
We direct our vision to the Light. In this place of Higher Truth, we experience joyful solutions.  Lack is filled with Plenty.
 We live in an abundance of all Good things and we choose to embrace Life with Love.


I free my natural genius to create my magnificent life! 
 I am in an intimate relationship with a wonderful person who really loves me.
  I commit to loving myself deeply!
 I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, healthy, and happy! 
 I let go and let God work wonders in my life. 
 In this present moment, I have the power to choose to see things differently. 
 I choose to see clearly with eyes of love.
I love what I see.  I love myself. 
I bless and give thanks for my heart in prayer, for it is a center of life and love. 
 Living from the unconditional love of God within me, I forgive. I FORGIVE.  

I always have enough money.

  Every thought I think is creating my future, so I choose to be well-balanced financially. I will always be able to provide for myself.

I carefully choose the people I spend my life with. I invite only positive, loving, joyous people into my world.

Affirmations from Cathleen Lutz: 

To receive God spiritually: to become aware of our spiritual identity: Say silently and to yourself:
I am an Idea in the mind of God. I let God's idea express in me. I am divine!

To receive God Mentally, God's wisdom and, to become aware of our wisdom: Say silently and to yourself:
I am the mind of God.  I let the mind of God inform me of my identity! 

I am wisdom.  I am receiving all the wisdom I need anytime, any place, and ALWAYS!  I am wisdom.

To receive God Physically and to become aware of my physical identity; Say silently and to yourself:
My body is the substance of God, manifesting in correspondence with his idea. 

My body is perfect, whole and healthy now!

Amen and Amen. And so it is. 



Unity of Brazosport
507 So. Brooks St, (Hwy 36), Brazoria, TX 77422

Vision: "A community of unconditional love and acceptance where all may discover unity in Christ."
 Mission:  Dedicated to teaching, loving, and inspiring people to be all they are created to be.